— About us —

We are a couple who live in Austevoll. We love to dive, and want to help others experience the incredible world below the surface. Austevoll is a diving paradise with lots of wildlife, lots to see and endless dive sites. For a few years we have "dreamed" of being able to run a diving center at one point and now decided to go for it. We have a boathouse at Salthella where we will hold courses. The boathouse is nicely located in the innermost part of Salthella, where the bay outside is perfect for diving courses. We have built a staircase that goes into the sea, and are working on arranging a platform that will lie below the sea.  

We believe that diving is for everyone. Young or old, as long as your health is good there is no reason not to try. This is a great hobby to share with your boyfriend,girlfriend, friends, or family. 

Get to know us!

Tore Storebø Salthella

Tore is 31 years old and comes from Austevoll. He has been diving since 2013, but most actively in the last 2-3 years. He was certified as an instructor in 2022. What Tore likes most about diving is: "How wonderful it is to float in the water, and the thought that you may have been to a place where no one else has been before you" 

June Lindvik

June is 29 years old and comes from Arna. She has been diving since 2020, and is currently getting certified as a Divemaster. What June likes most about diving is: "Being able to get so close to wildlife underwater. And observing animals you don't normally come across. Also love being able to capture these moments on camera, to show all non-divers what they missing" 

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