Diving courses.

Here you will find information about our diving courses. 

Try dive

Are you very curious about what lies beneath the surface? But not sure if scuba diving is for you? Take a test dive! During one try dive, you get the opportunity to try breathing underwater, to get a sencse of how it feels. We stay in shallow water and you get to experience what it feels like to become weightless in the water. 

Price per person NOK 750 

(Loan of equipment included) 


Open Water Diver

The entrance to a world of diving. 

On our OWD course, you get all the training you need to be able to dive safely and securely to a depth of 18 metres. The course consists of an E-learning theory part that you do yourself. And a practical part that will last 5 days.

We have a big focus on keeping our students safe, and want them to feel that they master each exercise before we move on. 

We want to be flexible about when we hold courses. 

Contact us through the form if you are interested, and we will come up with a good plan together!

 Price per person NOK 5,500 

(including theory part and loan of equipment) 


Open Water Diver

The first day will include a review of the theory and the equipment we use. 

The second day consists of confined water diving where you will get your first experience of breathing underwater and we go through the most basic exercises. 

On the third and fourth day, we take what we have learned in the confined water with us in the sea and work further on the skills. 

The fifth and final day consists of your exam dives.


Advanced Open Water Diver

Take your diving to the next level with an Advanced course! On this course you will go through 5 subject dives, which will make you a more experienced diver. These topics can be for example underwater navigation, deep diving, current diving, night diving, wreck diving, buoyancy control, search and recovery, etc. Navigation and deep diving are mandatory in this course. After being certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver, you can go down to a depth of 30 metres. This course also consists of an E-learning part that you do on your own, and a practical part that lasts 2-3 days depending on which subject dives you are going through.


Rescue Diver

This course will change you as a diver in a positive way! It is said that the Rescue course is the course that most people like best and gain the most confidence and mastery from completing it. You will learn to pay attention to small things that can develop into bigger problems if they are not handled correctly. And you will get to practice various rescue scenarios that will help you if the accident were to happen. This course will make you a better buddy for those around you, and a safer diver for yourself. 



Do you want to take your diving further to a professional level? Take a Divemaster course with us. As a Divemaster, you can guide diving activities and assist during diving courses. This course will help perfect your diving skills and teach you how to be a diving role model. Divemaster courses are not set up like the other courses with assigned days. On this course, you agree between yourself and the instructor when and what to go through according to progress and development. There are no given time frames for this course, but can take anything from weeks to months.  


Speciality - Drysuit Diver

Have you been to or are you from warmer regions and got certified in a wetsuit? Then this course is for you. Here you will get an introduction to how a drysuit works and a course on how to use it. Not only does the drysuit keep you dry and warm, But it also acts as a buoyancy aid together with your BCD. This course also consists of an E-learning theory part and 1 day of diving.