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On our Open Water Diver course, you get all the training you need to be able to dive safely and securely to a depth of 18 metres. The course consists of an E-learning theory part that you do yourself. And a practical part that will last 5 days. 

We have a strong focus on our students always feeling safe, and feeling that they have mastered exercises before we move on.



 Day 1  : 

Review of theory and equipment. Meet at our place at Salthellevegen 24, 5397 Bekkjarvik. 

Day 2 : 

Sea dive. On this day, you get to take your first breaths underwater, and we perform various exercises in shallow water (max. 6m). 

Day 3 : 

Sea dive. On this day, we also perform various exercises in shallow water (max. 6m). 

Day 4 : 

Sea diving, this day we rehearse exercises in slightly deeper water (max 12m). 

Day 5 : 

Sea dive. This day we do exercises, but also focus more on buoyancy. Slightly deeper water than the day before again (max 18m). 

Day 6 : 

On this day, the students will perform two exam dives and show that they are ready to explore the underwater world in a safe and secure way, using what they have learned during the course. 

Price per person NOK 5500,-

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We want to be flexible about when we hold courses. Get in touch if you are interested, and we will come up with a good plan together! 

Do you want to experience the underwater world?

So come and join us! 

Here at Kysten Dykkeopplevelser, we know the importance to following up each and every student. With us you should always feel seen, and be confident that you will be followed up if there is something you do not fully master at first. We also want to create an inclusive diving environment. We believe this can contribute to newly certified divers being able to keep their diving active after completing the open water diver course, and therefor be able to faster feel safe underwater. This will also be an advantage for advanced divers, as it is social. You can meet other divers, get tips on new dive sites, and meet new dive buddies. 

We arrange courses in Vestland!

We are based at Salthella in Austevoll. 

But we want to be flexible about where we have the courses. We want to be able to get to e.g. Stord, Bergen and so on as long as we get enough people registered for one course. 

We set up courses upon request. 

We offer these courses:

  • Open Water Diver
  • Advanced open water diver
  • Rescue Diver
  • Divemaster
  • Drysuit speciality

Our courses is all PADI.